Joint Virtual Conference on the Intelligent Enterprise

Tune in Wednesday, Nov. 12 from 9:30am-6:30pm ET to a free virtual conference with Microsoft and CIO magazine, titled “The Intelligent Enterprise: Incorporating Systems and Strategies to Create a Highly Responsive Organization.”

The conference will address how senior business technologists can align IT and business, achieve agility, reduce complexity, provide one view of data across the business and, of course, cut costs. The conference will seek to answer how to tie together all these objectives and create an IT organization that is capable of responding to business needs in real time.

The answer lies in the efficient use of data and IT resources. By effectively streamlining systems and packaging data, the IT organization can quickly provide the business with critical data to improve decision-making and gain a competitive edge. These topics are particularly important to the Integrated Utility of the Future which is the vision held by the Microsoft’s Worldwide Utility Group where there is an Integration of systems across the Utilities ecosystem and Utilities have Instant access to the information they need. This empowers user roles and role based user productivity becomes much more efficient when users have access to all the information they need, synthesized, and available when they need it, where they need it.



This free virtual conference will delve into five key technology areas—business intelligence, virtualization, enterprise applications, sustainable computing and Software + Services. You'll hear Microsoft, OSIsoft and other experts discuss the value of these enterprise-wide initiatives as well as be able to engage with fellow attendees in the chat lounges, connect with vendors and download the most relevant tools and assets to your virtual briefcase. Click here for more details and to register. - Jon