Key Technology for Connecting the Integrated Utility of the Future Gets Even Better!

We have written before how important collaboration and knowledge management is becoming in the Power & Utilities Industry worldwide. It’s a key component of our strategy for creating the integrated Utility of the future -- an integration of IT and operational systems that readily presents information to users based upon their needs rather than application architecture.

Whether a company is growing customer relationships, accelerating innovation, driving corporate performance, managing governance, risk and compliance or improving operations, SharePoint has become a key enabling platform for the Utility enterprise. We have written about this before in our white paper which can be downloaded here.

While SharePoint has become a key enabling technology across the Utility ecosystem, it’s important to understand what the product roadmap looks like and what the next wave of innovation is that will help accelerate the journey to the integrated Utility of the Future and allow us to be successful in creating things like the smart grid, optimizing the generation portfolio with renewables and dealing with the aging workforce.

A good peek into what’s next can be found in J. Peter Bruzzese’s Infoworld column entitled “An early look at SharePoint 2010 . This once SharePoint “avoider” he has some very good insights on the next version coming out next year. Enjoy. - Jon