Managing the Utility Information Explosion Using Cloud-based Offerings from OpenText in Windows 8

We often talk about the data tsunami that results from the creation of data points from smart meters, grid devices, customer interaction and operating performance. But that’s data. What about all the information that is created by the utility’s smart people? How is that managed from an enterprise viewpoint so that the information is put to most efficient use, made secure and easily exchanged among people inside the organization, or even outside the organization, with proper rights?

imageWhile already a leader in content management solutions for utility generators, T&D operators and retail enterprises, our partner OpenText is taking CM to the next level with a new file sharing and synchronization program using Windows 8. The new offering is called OpenText Tempo Box and it allows users to create workspaces where they can load documents, photos, and data files. TempoBox integrates with all of OpenText’s content servers as well as other content repositories. And it can be deployed as an OpenText Cloud solution for stand-alone availability.

Take for example the file sharing needs of a generating business unit. They might need to create and process contracts, store human resource records securely, or maintain operating records. All of these functions are team efforts – and members of teams often travel, work from home, or are otherwise on the move. Allowing them access to these vital documents, and getting their iterative improvements, creates the information that helps the utility to run efficiently. Solutions like TempoBox ensures the security needed to make information happen.

You can sign up for the OpenText Tempo Box through the Microsoft Windows Store. There’s a great slideshow of what the solution looks like at that link as well. Enjoy! – Jon C. Arnold