Microsoft Power & Utilities Group in the Worldwide News

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Many of us in the Microsoft Worldwide Power & Utilities Group were in conversations with customers and partners at the Distributech conference last month and we noted their amazement at the work we are doing in the industry. Several asked whether we could provide them with a list of many of the articles and media coverage of our Utilities work. Of course we thought where there’s one request there may be more, so in all humility please accept the following list as a summary. - Jon C. Arnold

· Associated Press: Software should help ND ratepayers conserve energy

· Energy Business Review: Microsoft Launches Software Architecture for Utilities

· Electric Light & Power: Meter Data Management, Advanced Pricing Programs: Idaho Power’s Implementation to Secure Its Energy Future

· Electric Light & Power: The Integrated Utility of the Future: Transformation to Tomorrow’s Smart Energy Ecosystem

· Electric Perspectives: Players on the Grid

· EnergyBiz: Battle for the Home Front

· EnergyBiz: Booting Up Efficiency

· EnergyBiz Insider: Investing for the Future

· EnergyBiz Magazine: Letters to the Editor

· GreenTech Media: The Networked Grid 100: Movers and Shakers of the Smart Grid

· Intelligent Utility: Getting caught up in the smart grid scenery

· Metering International: Microsoft Hohm Partners with Xcel Energy

· Modern Utility Management: Performance Optimisation of the Integrated Utility for Long-term Sustainability

· POWERGRID International: Is Consumer Home Energy Management a Good Idea? The Pros, Cons and Potential for Conservation

· Public Utilities Fortnightly: Smart charging and the power of pain

· RenewGrid: Microsoft Debuts Smart Energy Reference Architecture for Utilities

· RenewGrid: Ford, Microsoft Pursuing Energy Management Application For Electric Vehicles

· Reuters: Ford, Microsoft align to recharge cars

· Smart Meters: Ford Teams with Microsoft

· SmartGridNews: Best Time to Recharge Your PHEV? App from Ford and Microsoft Lets You Know

· SmartGridNews: Microsoft Rolls Out More Smart Grid Technology

· Smart Grid Today: Microsoft Sends Hohm Interface to a Few

· Smart Grid Today: Microsoft Seeks Key Roles with Utility of the Future

· Smart Grid Today: Microsoft survey helps map scope of smart grid opportunity

· Smart Grid Today: Microsoft Publishes Smart Grid Guide for Electric Utilities

· Utilities Middle East: Billing Me Softly

· Utilities Middle East: New Smart Product for Local Integrated Utilities

· Utilities Middle East: Microsoft unveils smart grid software secrets

· Transmission & Distribution World: Microsoft Launches Software Architecture for “Integrated Utility of the Future”

· Wall Street Journal: Obama Trumpets Energy Giants

· Wall Street Journal: Stimulus Funds Speed Transformation Toward ‘Smart Grid’

· Wall Street Journal: New Appliances, in Sync With Meters, Shift to Energy-Saver Modes When Told