OpenText Brings Business Process Solutions to Windows Azure

We have written many times about our cloud momentum and how we have bet the company on the cloud and that most of the people who work on software at Microsoft are in some way working on cloud technologies and solutions. But real momentum comes from partners and customers working with us to leverage the cloud for business value.

Recently we described how our partner Bentley Systems bet on Azure-cloud-based services for sustaining infrastructure and how the cloud is helping ETSA Utilities in Australia light up their electricity network map.

Hot off the press our partner OpenText has announced an expansion of its globaOpentext newsl alliance agreement with us to include wider support for Microsoft cloud computing initiatives. OpenText will work with us to develop industry-specific applications tailored to business and user requirements in industries, such as financial services, oil and gas, Utilities and public sector. Also, it’s a great example of the “cloud on your terms” as this tighter alignment between the OpenText and Microsoft will give customers more flexibility in the way OpenText applications are deployed: fully in the cloud, on-premise or a hybrid of cloud and on-premise.

You can read the press release here. Congratulations to OpenText for having the vision and leadership to help their customers drive process efficiency through scalable cloud based service solutions. – Jon C. Arnold