Schneider Electric launches Orbit: A devices and services solution for field inspections


We wrote back in April about the work Schneider Electric was doing on a new field inspection solution called Orbit. Orbit has officially been released to the market and what’s so intriguing is that Orbit is a new mobile device platform that uses our Azure cloud technology.

What does this mean for Utilities? It means seamless integration of field inspection data and assets, eliminating the delay and cost of data conversion.  By using a cloud-based system Schneider Electric will make data-sharing and integration much easier and more cost-effective than building interfaces between legacy systems. We are very bullish on Orbit and the capabilities it delivers and especially since Schneider’s strategy fits perfectly with our shift to a devices and services company.

For other views on Orbit and the game changing approach that it brings to the market I would suggest taking a closer look at a couple of reviews: Smart Grid News and GreenTechGrid. Enjoy and may the cloud be with you! – Jon C. Arnold