South West Water transforms customer service using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Here’s a great new case study from one of our water customers in the UK, South West Water. In the UK OFWAT, the UK water industry regulator, has set very high Logo to act as a header and advert for South West Waterstandards for customer service and South West Water (SWW) realized that they needed a new system to meet these demands. Plus, SWW knew they needed a flexible solution for the future to cost effectively leverage modern technologies, enabling it to further improve the customer experience by embracing digital communications via the web, e-mail and text messages, in addition to more traditional forms of communication, such as telephone calls and letters.

To meet these requirements SWW turned to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and as Peter Hart, IS Delivery Programme Lead, South West Water says, “Using Dynamics we have improved visibility of customer cases which helps us resolve issues more effectively, improving customer satisfaction.” The overall results are:

• Reduced repeat contacts
• Reduced complaints
• Quicker response to problems
• Better customer communication
• Improved customer experience

Helen Gibbs, Service Improvement Delivery Leader at SWW explains, “Dynamics Views enable Operational Manager’s to proactively manage contact volumes and incoming work. Senior Managers are also embracing views and dashboards by actively monitoring performance on a daily basis, where previously they relied on historical reports.”

You can read the full case study here and the Computerworld UK article here.

More and more Power & Utility companies are turning to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Why?  They are looking for solutions that image are flexible, adaptable and able to conform to their business needs without large amounts of time and money for customization.  The ability to quickly automate business processes, sophisticated reporting built into the core of Dynamics CRM and the flexibility to have the solution in the cloud or on premise are huge selling points for customers. Congratulations to South West Water for transforming customer service by using a 750-seat Microsoft Dynamics CRM system! – Jon C. Arnold