Transforming to a Digital Business

Transforming to a digital business is now considered a requirement for virtually every enterprise. But this is much more than simply digitizing traditional processes as businesses are rethinking products, services and even entire business models in a mobile-first, cloud-first, all-digital world. Power & Utility companies have realized that "getting closer to the customer" is crucial to meeting and exceeding customer expectations whether it’s information about outages, new programs, services or just elevating the customer care experience through digital transformation initiatives. image The energy marketplace is involving rapidly and customers see the experiences that other industries provide such as finance, telecommunications and retail. This sets the expectations high as customers expect a lot more from their Utilities whether it’s in competitive or regulated markets. More and more they are seeking interactions that are quick, simple whether it involves mobile or digital options for transactions and information. Becoming more responsive is a natural outcome for companies that design customer-first products, services, processes and effectively transform into a digital business.

A leading example of the digitalization of the customer experience comes from AGL Australia. AGL worked with Avanade and Accenture to implement a customer experience solution from our partner Sitecore running on our cloud platform, Azure. This enabled AGL to take advantage of its rich and scalable features while leveraging their existing investments in Microsoft technology. Running their customer service solution in the cloud is a crucial element of the digital experience AGL wants to deliver as it means they can rapidly scale their solution to address demand, rapidly provide new products and services while maintaining a seamless customer experience. This is a great digital transformational story and you can read all about it in AGL puts energy into action with the Cloud. May the Cloud be with You! – Jon C. Arnold