Utilities Increasingly Finding SharePoint to be a Custom Fit

I saw recently that an analyst recognized Microsoft SharePoint as by far the most asked about portal solution, far more than any other vendor. Based on what we are seeing in the market place and the Web we would have to agree!

Around the world, we are seeing SharePoint being used by customers and partners as tools to manage smart meter declip_image001ployments, outage management, demand side management programs (see prototype examples here), plant operations and corporate intranets (see examples here and here).

The latest trend we’ve seen is the use of SharePoint as an Internet site. In fact, we came across a really cool site that visually compiles Internet sites with filters industry, by country and rankings. It’s called “Top SharePoint Internet Sites” and it’s worth a look if nothing else to see a sampling of the many Internet sites worldwide that are built on SharePoint.

My filtering for U.S. Utilities and Energy sites turned up 17 examples, including Ameren, Avista, Constellation Energy, Montana-Dakota Utilities, Oklahoma Gas and Electric, Puget Sound Energy, Smart Grid Maryland, Xcel Energy.  In the UK there’s ofgem, in Australia there’s AGL and South East Water, in Hong Kong there’s CLP, and in India there’s AAPT India. I could go on and on with many more companies in Europe and elsewhere, but I think these serve to demonstrate.


The site is part of WSS Demo, a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Foundation demonstration site run by a fellow named Ian Morrish who works for Microsoft in New Zealand

So, not only is the site informative from the perspective of tracking which utilities are using SharePoint, but Mr. Morrish also provides a lot technical information you might find interesting as you go about considering the flexibility and capabilities offered by SharePoint and other Microsoft technologies. – Jon C. Arnold