Welcome to the Microsoft Utilities Industries Blog!

My Name is Jon Arnold and I am the Microsoft WW Utilities Industry Managing Director, one several people from Microsoft who will be serving as author(s) of this blog.

Our blog aims to provide readers with frank discussions of utility industry issues and our view on them as a provider of software solutions.

Blogs are often judged by their level of authenticity and the absence of marketing content. We will make every effort to shape this blog accordingly.


However, and I don’t mean to be immodest here, but Microsoft software helps nearly every utility around the world run their business. If our comments on this blog provide our users with extra insight and knowledge about our products – even if some readers get turned off by inadvertent marketing – we take comfort in the fact we’re doing our job, serving our clients.

But in a larger sense we think this blog will serve an important role in educating and informing most everyone, as power hungry businesses, industrial operations and consumers create ever more demand pressure, and as environmental issues, regulations and higher fuel costs squeeze utilities’ production. Just as technology has increased modern economies’ productivity over the last 25 years, so too will it address these new challenges.

Our goal as a team will be to offer thoughts about how utilities can use technology to improve cost efficiencies, enhance service reliability, improve customer service and add to the bottom line. Just as important, we want to provide our views on how utilities can compete in a turbulent future brought on by the carbon challenge and global supply chain competition. We will do this by changing the way people work, through the most comprehensive software they need to be successful, and thereby change the utility organization itself.

We already have an extensive set of information about how we and our partners are helping utilities become more successful. You can find this information and more about the kinds of products and services provided by the Microsoft in Utilities at this link.

I strongly encourage your feedback and suggestions so please, do not hesitate to contact me at: Jon.Arnold@Microsoft.com or call me at: 904-280-5406

Jon C. Arnold
WW Utilities Industry Managing Director

Worldwide Utilities Industry

Microsoft Corporation

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On the internet at: www.microsoft.com/utilities