Windows Phone takes flight, literally at 35,000 feet!

Naturally, I am big fan of the Windows phone. It really is easy to use, easy to see things (my baby boomer eyes are fading fast) and the applications are available are really taking off.  We have some amazing OEM devices from our partners on the market at price points from entry level to the amazing Nokia 41 megapixel  Lumia 1020, my personal favorite! I was visiting Washington DC last week with my wife for a high school reunion and we took our high end digital camera with us but we never used it. imageWhy? Our Windows phones takes such amazing pictures plus the camera feature of the Windows Phone is so easy to use that we just never even though of carrying anything else around. With devices such as the Lumia 1020 I can’t help thinking that these smart phones will disrupt the medium to low end digital camera market similar to what the digital cameras did to film.

We have Utilities as well as companies worldwide signing up for the Windows phone.  Who’s the latest company taking flight with the Windows Phone? Check this out: Flying high: Delta equips 19,000 flight attendants with Windows Phones. –  Jon C. Arnold