Agenda for #WPC09 today, Wednesday, July 15th

For all of you @WPC09 this week, here’s a quick overview of the agenda for Wednesday, in case you didn’t look it up on Digital WPC:


  • 7:00am – 6:00pm Registration Hours
  • 7:00am – 6:00pm Schedule Meetings using WPC Connect on
  • 7:00am – 8:15am Breakfast

8:30am – 11:00am Vision Keynotes

- Remember to follow the live Twitter feed from #WPC09 either through Digital WPC (where you can also view the keynotes streamed online) or direct through Twitter’s #WPC09 searchfeed.

11:00am – 11:30am Break

11:30am – 12:30pm Segment Value Keynotes

  • Communications Sector, Ralph Young, Auditorium A
  • Enterprise Partner, Simon Witts, Auditorium B
  • OEM Partnering Power: Today and Tomorrow, Steve Guggenheimer, Auditorium C
  • Our Public Sector Opportunity, Linda Zecher, La Nouvelle AB
  • Win with SMBs through Partnership and Innovation, Birger Steen, La Nouvelle C

12:30pm – 2:00pm Lunch

12:30pm – 6:00pm Expo Hall Open

12:45pm –1:45pm Hands-on Lab Sessions

  • HOL102 Windows 7 Professional and Windows XP Mode (Room 262)
  • HOL118R Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and SAM (Room 263)
  • HOL131 Enable SAP Business Processes with Duet for Microsoft Office and SAP (Room 264)

2:00pm – 3:00pm Breakout Sessions

  • BL007 Beating the Odds: Creating Predictable Revenue in a Tough Economy (Room La Louisiane AB)
  • EPG007 Selling IT Infrastructure Using Capability-Led Selling and the Infrastructure Optimization (IO) Model (Room 271-273)
  • EPG009 Microsoft Executives Unplugged: Q&A Session with Simon Witts, Brian Scott, and Linda Zecher (Room Auditorium B)
  • IND001 Help Your Customers Succeed and Save Money in Retail, Hospitality, Consumer Goods and Distribution, and Professional Services Industries (Room 252-254)
  • IND002 Microsoft in Telecommunications (Room 238-239)
  • IND003 Media and Entertainment Strategy (Room 235-236)
  • IND004 Microsoft in Financial Services: Driving Revenue with Innovative Solutions (Room 255-257)
  • IND005 Empowering Excellence in the Manufacturing and Resources Sector: Business Opportunities in an Uncertain Market (Room 265-268)
  • IND006 Hosted Email to Hosted Unified Communications for SMBs (Room 243-244)
  • LDS001 LAR/ESA Incentives Evolution - Expanding and Strengthening Partner Performance & Rewards (Room 218-219)
  • LS001 Learning Solutions Business Model Keynote Session (Room La Louisiane C)
  • OEM001 OEM Partner Success: Show Me Specifics for Growth (Room Auditorium C)
  • PS001 Transforming Health Delivery: Learn How to Do Business in Health (Room 228-230)
  • PS002 Learning Analytics: Addressing Customers' Needs for Cost Efficiencies and Learning Impact (Room 225-227)
  • PS006 Engaging In eGov: Make It Real Together! (Room 220-222)
  • SM009 Microsoft Marketing Power: Doing More with Less (Room 281-282)
  • SMB006 Warp Yourself to the Next Generation of Small Business Specialists with the 70-653 Exam prep! (Room 208-210)
  • SMB007 Power of Community (Room 215-216)
  • SMB008 Social Media 101: Defining and Understanding How to Connect with Your Clients and Colleagues Using the Latest Technologies (Room 217)

2:00pm – 3:00pm Hands-on Labs

  • HOL105 Deploy and Manage Windows Internet Explorer 8 (Room 264)
  • HOL108 Integrating the New Mobility Features of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 with Windows Phones (Room 262)
  • HOL116R Identifying Counterfeit Software and Proof of Licensing (Room 263)

3:00pm – 3:30pm Break

3:30pm –4:30pm Breakout Sessions

  • EPG002 Making Money While Saving Money for Your Customers with Microsoft Unified Communications (Room Auditorium B)
  • EPG003 Server Virtualization and DataCenter Transformation: Opportunities in the Enterprise (Room 271-273)
  • EPG004 New Business Opportunities to Sell and Deploy Microsoft Office 2010 Enterprise Solutions (Room 278-280)
  • EPG006 How to Grow Your Enterprise Sales with an Active Pipeline (Room 275-276)
  • EPG012 Putting Partners Front and Center in Enterprise Platform Selling (Room 277)
  • IND007 Leverage Microsoft Products with Your Business Solutions in Retail, Hospitality, Consumer Goods and Distribution, and Professional Services industries (Room 252-254)
  • IND008 Value of the Microsoft Platform for Telecommunications Infrastructure (Room 238-239)
  • IND009 Media and Entertainment: Managing the Digital Supply Chain (Content and Business Management Solutions) (Room 235-236)
  • IND010 Partnering in Financial Services: Solution Areas and Technology Opportunities (Room 255-257)
  • IND011 Delivering Microsoft-Based Business Solutions That Address Customer Challenges in the Manufacturing and Resources Sector (Room 265-268)
  • IND012 Going to Market with Microsoft Communication Services (Room 243-244)
  • LDS002 SAM Programs Roadmap: Increasing Opportunities, Raising the Bar (Room 218-219)
  • LS002 Understanding the Changes to the Learning Solutions Competency for FY10 and Beyond (Room La Louisiane C)
  • OEM002 Maximize Your Profit with Microsoft Office (Room Auditorium C)
  • PS004 Improving Organizational Efficiency (Room 228-230)
  • PS005 Drive down costs with Dynamic Education IT (Room 225-227)
  • PS009 Microsoft's Citizen Safety Architecture: Helping Governments Tackle Public Safety Threats (Room 220-222)
  • SM010 Great Sales Performers Are Made Not Born: Here's How to Make Them (Room La Louisiane AB)
  • SM011 The Business Case for Partner-to-Partner and Social Networking (Room 281-282)
  • SMB009 Partner Planning: Four Simple Plans That Can Change Everything (Room 208-210)
  • SMB010 Virtualization: What You Need to Know to Get Your Business Ready (Room 215-216)
  • SMB011 Help Improve Revenue with Volume Licensing in the Changing Economy (Room 217)

3:30pm –4:30pm Hands-on Lab Sessions

  • HOL123R View Pipeline Using Partner Sales Management! (Room 264)
  • HOL128 Microsoft Office 2010 Overview and Walkthrough (Room 262)
  • HOL132 Project and Portfolio Management Using Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) 2007 (Room 263)

4:30pm – 5:00pm Break

5:00pm –6:00pm Breakout Sessions

  • EPG001 Online Services: Opportunities in the Enterprise (Room Auditorium B)
  • EPG005 Increase Sales with Technical Readiness, without Sacrificing Your Utilization (Room 275-276)
  • EPG008 How to Maximize Enterprise Sales and Services Engagements with Microsoft (Room 271-273)
  • EPG011 Live Quiz Show: Optimized Desktop and the Road to Services Value (Room 278-280)
  • IND013 Profit from Selling Microsoft Dynamics into Two Focus Industries: Retail and Professional Services (Room 252-254)
  • IND015 Media and Entertainment: Monetizing Digital Experiences (Content Delivery and Search) (Room 235-236)
  • IND016 Customer Knowledge Solutions for Financial Services: Strengthening Customer Relationships and Improving Efficiency (Room 255-257)
  • IND017 A Simple Formula: Dynamics + Manufacturing + Verticals = Partner Success (Room 265-268)
  • IND018 Dynamic Datacenter: Enabling the Foundation for the Hosted Cloud and Managed Services (Room 243-244)
  • LS003 Engage Microsoft to Drive Your Business: Learning Opportunities for Windows 7 and Wave 14 (Room La Louisiane C)
  • OEM003 The New Server Economy (Room Auditorium C)
  • PS001R Transforming Health Delivery: Learn How to Do Business in Health (Room 277)
  • PS003 Leveraging Best Practices from US Federal Government Across the World (Room 220-222)
  • PS007 Optimizing ICT: Connected Health Platform Explained (Room 228-230)
  • PS008 Building Connected Learning Communities: Drive More Business Opportunities and Long-term Customer Engagements (Room 225-227)
  • SM012 How Social Media Is Changing Marketing: Stories from Real Companies (Room La Louisiane AB)
  • SM013 Sales Effectiveness: Best Practices of Highly Skilled Sales Organizations (Room 281-282)
  • SMB012 The Business of Your Community: Why Are You Here? (Room 218-219)
  • SMB013 Partner Planning Workshop: Putting Pen to Paper (Room 208-210)
  • SMB014 Optimizing the Customer Experience: Platform Upgrades and Replacement Strategies (Room 215-216)
  • SMB017 Look through the Window to See the Opportunities Windows 7 Brings Your Business (Room 217)

5:00pm –6:00pm Hands-on Labs

  • HOL112 Windows Phone with Microsoft Dynamics ERP Platforms (Room 262)
  • HOL115R Understanding and Successfully Using an MLS (Room 263)
  • HOL133 Innovation Process Management with Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) 2007 (Room 264)

Looking forward to seeing you @Microsoft #WPC09!

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

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Microsoft Worldwide Partner Group
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