Install software on new PCs without paying for it? Yes, through the Open Value Subscription annual true-up process, you get this flexibility

A benefit unique to the new Open Value Subscription Program, is the annual true-up and true-down feature. Through this process, for any of the Enterprise products you are licensed for through Open Value Subscription (this is not a feature of any other Open License Program), you simply count your PCs one time per year and place your order for that many subscription licenses. That is it!

What if you add new PCs during the year? No problem. Install the licensed software and don’t worry about any orders or payments until your annual anniversary. Then, you just count your PCs and place your order for that many subscription licenses for the upcoming year. That is it! No more trying to order more licenses in time for a deployment or scrambling to ensure you have enough before you install, etc.

Here is a quick 2:40 minute video that walks through how this works:

See? Microsoft licensing, made easy…

This is a topic I cover in the “Partner Introduction to the NEW Microsoft Open Value Subscription Program” Live Meetings, so I would highly recommend registering and joining me for an upcoming session to not only hear more about this topic but also many more regarding the new Open Value Subscription program.

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Eric Ligman
Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement
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