New SBDA and Volume Licensing Sales Kit sent to presses today

SBDA and VL Sales Kit

Last September we shipped out the first, “Small Business Desktop Advantage Sales Kit” to all Microsoft Small Business Specialists here in the US. The kit was designed to provide SBSC Partners with information about the Small Business Desktop Advantage: how it worked, handouts to use with clients, PPTs to use, email blurbs, etc. Since that time, we’ve released a new version of Office and a new version of Windows, plus we’ve received some great feedback from Partners about what they liked about the Sales Kit and would like to see added to it. Well, the new and expanded Sales DVD went to press today.

Introducing the, “Microsoft Small Business Desktop Advantage & Volume Licensing Sales Kit.” For this new version we’ve made some very exciting changes based on your feedback and input:

1) Notice the name of the kit? This new kit includes sales tools and information on not only the Small Business Desktop Advantage but also Volume Licensing (Open Business, Open Value, and Software Assurance), Rebates, and Microsoft Financing as well.

2) Notice it’s now a DVD? That’s because it now includes over 1.2 GB of information for you! Yes, it’s still sorted and navigated through the graphical web interface for ease of use and you can access the files and content directly through the folder views.

3) Web resources you can use on your website such as:

a. Customizable “Less than coffee” and “Less than fries” web pages you can stick your logo and contact info into then add to your website

b. The “Less than coffee,” “Less than fries,” and “Less than a dollar” web buttons and banners collections for your use

4) Customizable handouts, emails, letters, and flyers you can use with your clients

5) PowerPoint Presentation templates you can use to help sell Volume Licensing and the Small Business Desktop Advantage

6) Over 8 HOURS of Video, MP3, and WMA files to learn about Volume Licensing and the Small Business Desktop Advantage in the NEW Multimedia section of the kit. (This was one of the top requests we received was for audio files you can take with you in the car or while traveling)

7) Replays of several of my webcasts that you can view directly from the kit within your office as well as audio replays if you want to just listen while in the car

8) Links to web resources available to you

9) Plus much, much more…

Once again, every Microsoft Small Business Specialist in the US will be sent one of these new kits as soon as they are printed and I’ll post an announcement when they are shipped. I’m also sending some to our TS/2 Team to have at their events and I’ll bring some with me to the “Yellow Lounge” at WPC.


UPDATE: As of October, 2008, platform options (such as the Small Business Desktop Advantage) are now handled through the “Build Your Own Platform” model. Here is the post that explains this new option for you.


Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Eric Ligman
Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement
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