Ordering the Platform suites through Open Value Subscription without the Up-to-date discount

During yesterday’s Partner Introduction to the NEW Microsoft Open Value Subscription Program Live Meeting session, I showed an example of how to purchase the Professional Desktop suite through Open Value Subscription using the Up-to-date discount. Just prior to the session, I had inserted a slide that I was editing to show how to do this without the Up-to-date discount; however, I didn’t get it finished prior to the session, and of course, the slide showed up in the presentation, so the information was not all there.

Thank you again to Vicki for pointing it out to me during the Q&A section of the presentation. At that time, I told the attendees I would post the correct information to the Blog today so that they would have it. As such, here it is:

image(Click image for full-size)

As you can see, if you are purchasing one of the Platform suites (Small Business Desktop or Professional Desktop) through Open Value Subscription and do not have qualifying licenses to use the Up-to-date discount, you simply process an order for the Platform suite SKU (either the Small Business Desktop or Professional Desktop, not a combination) for each computer in the company. This would be the same order in each year of the Open Value Subscription Agreement.

If you still have not joined me for one of the Partner Introduction to the NEW Microsoft Open Value Subscription Program Live Meeting sessions, I have a few more coming up, so feel free to register for any of the upcoming sessions to learn more about this exciting new offering coming to the US and Canada in March.


UPDATE: As of October, 2008, platform options (such as the Small Business Desktop Advantage) are now handled through the “Build Your Own Platform” model. Here is the post that explains this new option for you.


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