What qualifies for the 50%* off Up-To-Date (UTD) discount for Open Value Subscription?

One very hot topic that’s been spurring many conversations so far since my, “Big news: Open Value Subscription launching in the U.S. and Canada!” post has been the topic of the Up-to-date discount I mentioned in my Yes, you heard right… 50%* off the first year payment! post. Since the licenses needed to qualify for the UTD discount can be OEM, Retail, or Volume License, many people have asked, “So what versions qualify for the UTD discount?”

If you attend one of the Partner Introduction to the NEW Microsoft Open Value Subscription Program Live Meetings I am hosting for Partners on a weekly basis, we do discuss the UTD discount quite a bit, including walking through examples, parts to use, etc., so I would highly encourage you to join me for one of these if you haven’t already. As for the basic question of what licenses qualify for the UTD discount, we have a chart located in the Microsoft Product List (yes, you’ve seen me reference that document quite a bit on the Blog, so be sure to download it and use it if you’re not already). Here is a copy of that chart:

image (Click image to view full size)

As you can see, it is the current versions (N) or one version prior to current (N-1) of the Enterprise products offered through Open Value Subscription. Each one of these qualifying licenses would qualify you for one UTD discount on that product through the Open Value Subscription program.

*Calculations are based on estimated retail prices. Reseller prices may vary.
(Yes, the obligatory footnote since we’re talking about prices above)

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