When can I add Software Assurance and what happens to the license when Software Assurance is added and the machine retires?

In some of my earlier post, such as:

I talk about the ability to add Software Assurance to OEM Microsoft software licenses and some of the benefits of doing so. This is also a topic that we’ve covered in several licensing seminars as well, such as the “Introduction to Open License for Partners” and “Introduction to Office, Windows, and Server Licensing for Partners” Live Meetings.

The follow-up questions I sometimes receive about this topic are something like, “Ok, so I get the benefit of adding SA, but when can I add it for OEM, Retail box, and Volume Licensing and what happens when the PC retires? Is it different for each?” If you’ve attended many of my licensing seminars, you probably have seen the chart I created that lays this out in a single quick-view format. To help address these questions, I thought I would post it here on the Blog for others to refer to when looking for this information.

image  (click for full size)

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