Stay tuned for the SQL Server ISV Program Management Team BLOG

Hi SQL Server Community! 


Did you know that the SQL Server Product development team has a team of Program Managers dedicated to working with some of the most well known Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s)?


The ISV Program Management team has worked on some of the largest and well publicized SQL Server Benchmarks of all time; SAP … Siebel… PeopleSoft…


Our team is tasked with working with Global ISV’s (GISV) such as SAP, as well as ISV’s of all sizes in the Manufacturing, Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare, CRM, and other sectors. Our job is to understand the complexities of vertical industry specialization and how that translates into SQL Server requirements, guide GISV development teams in optimizing their implementation on SQL Server, guide GISV/Microsoft field/consultants during real-world customer deployment issues and share best practices with the community.


This BLOG will contain our experiences and share information that will be of relevance to: application development, customer deployment of SQL Server based applications including tips for tuning, managing, and troubleshooting SQL Server, and more.


This BLOG will debut in March 2006, please let us know if you have topics you would be interested in hearing about.


SQL ISV PM’s contributing to this BLOG will include:


Cihangir Biyikoglu – 13 years DBMS experience jumping from 4th Dimension to Illustra to Informix and eventually for the last 7 years to Microsoft SQL Server. Focus on Financial Services Industry – Banking, Capital Markets and Insurance.


Sharon Bjeletich – 25+ years experience in the industry; 13+ years experience with SQL Server; specializes in manufacturing software vendors.


Hermann Daeubler - 16 years working on RDBMS technology with 3.5+ years on the combination of SAP BI and SQL Server.


Wanda He – 10+ years experience on software design and development with focus on RDBMS technologies. 3+ years with Microsoft SQL Server. Specialize in performance, benchmarking.


Burzin Patel – 13+ years of experience in hardware/software technologies, with 4+ years in SQL Server dev. Specialize in performance and tuning.


Siva Raghupathy - 17+ years database/software engineering experience with 12+ years on Microsoft SQL Server.


Peter Scharlock – 24+ years of DBMS / application design / development experience, including the last 10 years on the SQL Server development team. Focuses on the Healthcare Industry.


Juergen Thomas - 15+ years working in DBMS with 10+ years experience in SAP and SQL Server.



Peter Scharlock | Healthcare ISV Program Manager | SQL Server Development Team | Microsoft Corporation |