EWSEditor Update Coming Soon…

In my introduction of EWSEditor I said I’d try to get an update out in January of 2010 – now it is late February and there is still no update.  What’s up with that?.. Well, life gets busy but I’ve also been working on improvements to ExRCA’s  EWS tests which you’ll see soon.  I’m also finding that implementing new features takes time and combined with fixing bugs I probably over-committed in this next release of EWSEditor.  What I will try to do moving forward is streamline my release process, be more strategic how about what features I add and when, and do more updates with a smaller amount of changes.  There are tons of features I have in mind and it’s tempting to try to get them all done in a single release.  Instead I’ll focus on getting each new feature published in a release as I finish it.

You can see what changes are coming using the advanced view of the Issue Tracker on the project site.  I’m trying to keep this up to date moving forward.  When each release is posted, you’ll be able to easily see what is new and what was fixed.  Please so use the Issue Tracker and Discussions to provide feedback if you have any.

EWSEditor 1.5 has over 600 downloads so far!  Come back and check out 1.6 when it releases in the next few days!