FYI: More From Ryan Gregg, Outlook 2007 Development Q&A

Ryan actually published this post last week but I had yet to link to it. I have been asked many of these questions regarding Outlook 2007 in my support role at Microsoft. Here are some of the questions he addresses...

"Is there a future for the Outlook view control (OVC)?

Have the form controls been improved?

Is the IDE for form script any better?

How do you envision people debugging code on forms?

Do you see people continuing to use Public folders?

Was work put into improving custom forms management/deployment?

OWA/Mobile. Design once, run everywhere is a definite necessity, will this story be improved?

Is WYSIWYG forms printing supported in Outlook 2007?

Progress and Excitement. Do you think there is a REAL commitment within the Outlook team for extensibility?"