MSDN: New “how to” docs for building Exchange ActiveSync clients…

While the Exchange ActiveSync protocol documentation (MS-AS* documents under the links below) has long been published on MSDN under the Open Specifications for Exchange Server Protocols, there has never been an accompanying set of “how to” documentation or sample implementations available.  And I have had some insight into the challenges third party developers face, trying to turn the protocol specifications into an Exchange ActiveSync implementation.  For that reason, I’m proud to have been a writer for some of our follow up implementation guidance for Exchange ActiveSync.  You’ll find it in the Exchange Server section of MSDN under the label Exchange Server Interoperability Guidance which today is all about Exchange ActiveSync.

To wet your appetite, here are the list of documents published as of October 2011…

Implementing an Exchange ActiveSync client: provisioning by Jason Johnston

Provisioning, policies, remote wipe, and the Allow/Block/Quarantine list in Exchange ActiveSync by Matt Stehle

Working with the RecurrencePattern structure in [MS-OXOCAL] by Robert Knight

Working with Meeting Requests in Exchange ActiveSync by Katarzyna Puchala

Working with Meeting Responses in Exchange ActiveSync by Katarzyna Puchala

Implementing an Exchange ActiveSync client: the transport mechanism by Jason Johnston

Autodiscover for Exchange ActiveSync developers by Matt Stehle

Exploring the Microsoft Exchange Server Open Specifications by Kim Brandl