Last Week for PDC05 Show Off Submissions

Whether or not you're attending the upcoming Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2005, we'd love to see you submit a short video for our Show Off event. It's a great way to demonstrate what can be accomplished when you pair a great developer or development team with our platform and some third-party tools. We're not looking for Hollywood-quality productions (although we certainly won't turn them away). Grab a friend and a video camera, and just have them capture you talking about your software, tip, technique...whatever. Add some music, if you're so inclined. Be creative.

We've already received quite a few submissions, but there's still room for more. And remember, we hope to put all of them up on Channel 9 after the event, so that the rest of the world can see them.

So, shoot your five-minute-or-less WMV video and submit it via this Channel 9 post. You have until 5:00pm Pacific this Thursday, September 8th. This is gonna be cool!