Macro Wallpaper 7: More Fallpaper

Here is another set of macro photographs that have been formatted for a 16:10 aspect ratio (1920 x 1200) to match my widescreen monitor. So that they'll work with more "traditional" resolutions, I've also included links to 4:3 versions (1600 x 1200). As you can probably tell from the thumbnails below, these are images of fall. They were all taken with a Nikon 5700 in macro mode. I purchased a Canon Rebel XT a couple of months ago, but I have yet to pick up a macro lens.

The first three photos were taken this past weekend at a park in Redmond, Washington. I don't recall exactly where the other two were taken, but it was somewhere near Holland, Michigan.

(1600 x 1200 version) (1600 x 1200 version) (1600 x 1200 version) (1600 x 1200 version) (1600 x 1200 version)

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