SEAMonster Loosed to CodePlex

Well, I had good intentions. Ever since my first post about SEAMonster in October, 2007, I've wanted to refactor and clean-up the code for release. In the meantime, I've received many, many e-mails asking when that would happen. To everyone who has patiently waited, today's the day. SEAMonster is now hosted on CodePlex.

Before you get too excited, know that I haven't had the time to do any clean-up (at all). I finally realized that I just had to let it loose. This is one of those "20 lines of code" test projects that evolved into an unarchitected proof-of-concept with a load of TODOs. There's no doubt that it could use a lot of help from the community. If you'd like to contribute to the project, please drop me a line.

Here's a sample image that ships with Windows Vista that I've resized using both SEAMonster and Photoshop.

Notice the "squashed" and distorted look of the bicubic resize as compared to the seam carved version. The seam carved version looks like it could be a real photo, even though it's width has been significantly reduced.

On a related topic, I've been asked about 15 times now if I would present a session about SEAMonster (and possibly SWF2XAML and my Illustrator plug-in) at our upcoming MIX08 conference. Every one of our session slots has already been allocated, but it's possible that I could give a talk in our Open Space area at the event. If you'd be interested in hearing something like that, please leave feedback to this post.