SWF2XAML: A Tool to Convert Flash Files to XAML

Finally! After months of tinkering around in my spare time, I've managed to assemble a relatively useful tool called SWF2XAML. The first version of this tool allows you to open a Flash/SWF file and advance through the frames one-by-one. When you've found a frame that you like, you can easily export it to a file or copy its XAML to the clipboard. Import or paste the XAML into your tool of choice, and off you go.

Now, before you start converting files, let me set your expectations. Flash files contain a lot of information, including shape definitions, animations, and code in the form of ActionScript. The version of SWF2XAML I'm releasing today only converts shapes on a frame-by-frame basis. In other words, there is no conversion to native WPF animations, and there is certainly no code conversion. Both of these are possible, and they'd require a lot more work.

If you'd like to know more about the technical details, Karsten Januszewski, a fellow Technical Evangelist, filmed a short Channel 9 interview that provides insight into the structure of a SWF file, what is currently converted, and the general algorithm used to bring shapes into WPF. Plus, there is a very quick walkthough and demo at the beginning of the video.

I've written two blog posts about some of my earlier experimentation: Converting Flash Shapes to WPF, and Example C# Code for Reading Flash (SWF) Files. If you plan to write your own utility, these should be very useful.

I'd love your feedback! Is this tool useful? What other features would you like to see supported? Would anyone really want to convert ActionScript to something like C#?

Update: I just posted a 11½ minute screencast that gives a quick walk-through of the tool.