My domain - "" ... Thanks to Alex Holy

Today we celebrated Alex Holys move to Microsoft EMEA where he is responsible for Windows Vista Platform evangelism now! It was really a cool party and Alex had really cool surprises for us in his pocket:)

One of those "gimmicks" is the fact that he registered the domain for my community alias "mszCool"! So by now you can find my blog through and ... that's really a cool gift and I am totally happy (and of course it's a motiviation for me to finally launch my own web site in the near future:))... thank you again Alex ... and thank you for the great time we had. I really enjoyed that time, learned lots of things from you and with you and I want to thank you for all the possibilities you offered to me! Good luck with your new challenges, with Windows Vista you definitely own one of the most interesting topics:))...

Oh yeah ... and if you see me at PDC with a shirt having "" on it you know the face to this blog:)) ... because Alex gave me a shirt with my domain printed on it as well:))