Search Engine Game Show

Sometimes it's crazy the things you think of when you wake up in the middle of the night.  Last night was one of those nights.  About 3am, I woke up, and then... Search Engine Game Show.  What an idea!  Have a trivia game show where the contestants have a computer with an Internet connection.  They're allowed to use the Internet to answer the question.  Whoever can answer the question first, wins that question.  This lets you have extremely obscure questions that nobody would really know without doing some surfing.  For example, who was the first U.S. Supreme Court justice from Kansas?  Uh... I don't know but I can find out.  Ah.. David J. Brewer.  Maybe throw in a bonus question if someone gets the question right that they have to answer immediately (3 seconds).  So if they navigated to a good web page with that content, they could find it quickly.  It could have some trivia questions which makes you break out the calculator as well.  How many square furlongs is Yellowstone National Park?  A show like this would display good search techniques to the viewers.  You could actually broadcast the contestants' monitors to viewers on TV to show what they're doing.  Ok, so maybe this show would be incredibly boring.  But what kind of ideas do you expect when waking up at 3 in the morning?