Changes announced today in Windows Vista transfer limits

CNET News reports today the changes in Windows Vista transfer limits. This was reported in the news last month (see this story link on InternetNews), when it was reported that in "customers will only be able to reinstall Vista on a new machine once. After that, they will have to buy a new copy of Vista."

Not so. 

"Reversing a licensing change announced two weeks ago, Microsoft said on Thursday that it will not limit the number of times that retail customers can transfer their Windows Vista license to a different computer. On Oct. 16, Microsoft issued the new user license for Vista, including terms that would have limited the ability of those who buy a boxed copy of the operating system to transfer that license. Under the proposed terms, users could have made such a switch only one time.

"However, the new restriction prompted an outcry among hardware enthusiasts and others. Microsoft is returning the licensing terms to basically what they were in Windows XP--users can transfer their license to a new PC an unlimited number of times, provided they uninstall and stop using it on the prior machine.

"The software maker said it paid attention to the response both directly to the company and on blogs and decided to reverse course.

"...Microsoft product manager Mike Burk (said) "At the same time, after listening to the feedback that came in, (we) felt that we needed to make this change."

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