How to organize like Bill Gates, the HP-Microsoft deal, Helping in Haiti and more

How Bill WorksYes, I've been neglecting my blog. Although I have a couple of blog posts in the works (on setting up our Windows 7 home network connected to our Media Center), I have been just too busy with (gasp!) real work. So I obviously need to be better at my organization: helpful that I found this brief article on Bill Gates' organizational effort with a few of his "top tactics" with a nod of what Bill calls the digital workstyle. Missing from the article: you need a great staff! For me, here's a quick post that answers one of the popular questions I often get: "How I Work at Microsoft". 

First off, I supported @Americares WRT Haiti earthquake victims as 99% of the goes to the relief effort. You can read more here about Microsoft's help to relief organizations in Haiti and see a list of charities helping in the country here on MSN. (BTW, I'm an AT&T customer. With all of the press on teh incredible response via text message donations, there's a bit of a brou-ha-ha WRT AT&T's note that "Standard text messaging rates may apply" for said donations made on its network. I asked @ATTNews to waive fees like @Verizon & @TMobile for Haiti donations. And it seems that customer response and public pressure has caused AT&T to give in on that surcharge.)

Lots of news on the Microsoft & HP CEOs announcement yesterday on investment in IT infrastructure software, as initially noted here by You can read all about the HP - Microsoft three-year, $250 million deal to advance cloud computing for businesses on Microsoft Presspass and this post from Brad Anderson of the mgmt & services division.

Now, on to a couple of noteworthy bits from my posts on Twitter and on Twitter and from friendfeed:


As noted Microsoft is supporting relief efforts in Haiti + how you can help, MSFT makes initial $1.25 million commitment [Blog]

WSJTech reports that PC Shipments Surge in Holiday Quarter

Sad that Bill Veghte over in Windows Marketing is leaving the company after nearly two decades per @inafried

Sad to read about Apple IMac quality issues (Yellow Discoloration, Fail to Boot)

@maryjofoley reports that Visual Studio 2010 gets a new launch date: April 12, 2010:

@LanceUlanoff reports on Google in China: Pulling Out May Not Be a Good Idea China's wrong, but will Google's exit help anyone? #google #china

@karaswisher: The One-Year Report Card of Yahoo's Carol Bartz–Management: A-

@meridith: The CIO Job Market in 2010: More Opportunities and More Competition #CIO #jobs

Run into error code 0x80070005, Windows 7 "is not Genuine"? Disable policy settings or edit permissions:

A look inside BMW's Windows 7 rollout to date: "Smooth Driving So Far" on

Nice too see Michigan and Microsoft teaming up to offer free technology training around the state #fb

Microsoft reiterates console generation stance: "Xbox 360 is designed to last longer than normal"

Other vendors to follow Apple offering multi-touch tablet PCs in Q1 or Q2, say Taiwan touch panel makers

From JohnPaczkowski: Google VP of Engineering Andy Rubin: We’re Building a Nexus One for Enterprise

From LanceUlanoff: Why Tablets Need Apple Everybody's making tablets, but nobody knows what they're for. @SaschaSegan is right.

@toddbishop: Miguel de Icaza, Microsoft MVP? Yep, it's true.

From Stephen Rose: RT @MaxTrinidad: RT @MSSpringboard: Four Free Tools that every Administrator should Know About

@MSFT_IT: The definitive explainer of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), by Microsoft IT Evangelist Yung Chou

@MSFT_IT: MSFT CIO Tony Scott talks about new directions for IT in 2010. Video and paper available at

@Cisco_Mobile Gotcha - sometimes that download get's missed. Thx for the info

Troubleshooting Windows 7 with Microsoft's Built-In Tools: It all began w/ Firefox 3.5, via @tomshardware

Microsoft Security Advisory 979267: Adobe Flash Player 6 Vulnerability in Windows XP could allow remote code execution

Skip Microsoft's Critical Patch, Focus on Adobe's, Experts Urge reports @gkeizer via @PCWorld

Microsoft will report earnings after the market close on Thurs, January 28. Investor Relations page:

@edbott: New at ZDNet: Move over, God mode! 94 more secret shortcuts for Windows 7:

@msPartner: PartnerNews: What are Microsoft and HP announcing tomorrow? What will Ballmer and Hurd unveil? #MPN

@johnhcook: Comcast's new Data Meter: Like a calorie counter for Internet usage


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