Mac or PC Security, it doesn't matter: be prepared

In a comment I received to a recent blog posting on being careful when it comes to viruses, I wanted to mention something when it comes to computer security: whether you have a PC or a Mac, you will have to be concerned about security and protect yourself.

If you own a computer - PC or Mac (and we have both at home) - you should run AV software, have a firewall on your internet connection and practice "safe computing."

But we have to be careful to reach broad-based conclusions. It's better to anticipate an attack and be prepared and protected rather than hope that you won't be the victim of an attack. As I said in a past post, see our Security at home site for more ideas on how to protect your computer. It has info on avoiding online scams with the Microsoft Phishing Filter, anti-virus, anti-spyware, security updates, Office and Windows update tools... well worth your time. Mac users can look here on Apple's site for more info on protecting your Mac.

As USA Today reported earlier this year...

"Windows-based PCs have felt the brunt of attacks for years because those machines command more than 95% of the worldwide market. Macs mostly have escaped the attention of hackers. Until now.

"Unless they consider themselves very savvy, Mac users should run anti-virus software just like Windows users," says Larry Seltzer, security center editor at news site "Mac users need to start developing a sense of cynicism about content that comes unsolicited, even if it appears to come from a user they know."

Of interest is eWeek's Larry Seltzer's article on "What Will Apple Do When the Malware Comes?"

As our COO Kevin Turner says, (paraphrased): don't be a victim... be a participant in your own rescue.