New: Jon DeVaan and Steven Sinofsky kick off the Engineering Windows 7 blog

A quick post prior to my next meeting...

In case you missed the fanfare yesterday, my boss, Jon DeVaan, and Steven Sinofsky, along with members of the Windows engineering team have started a public blog, the new Engineering Windows 7 blog, or E7 for short.

"E7 is hosted by the two senior engineering managers for the Windows 7 product, Jon DeVaan and Steven Sinofsky. Jon and Steven, along with members of the engineering team will post, comment, and participate in this blog. "Beginning with this post together we are going to start looking forward towards the “Windows 7” project. We know there are tons of questions about the specifics of the project and strong desire to know what’s in store for the next major release of Windows. Believe us, we are just as excited to start talking about the release."

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