Of interest: Virgin America kicks off their business in the States

Dan Reed of USA Today (that venerable daily) that Virgin America kicks off their business in the States

"The Virgin brand, he says, is "synonymous with value, style, a little bit of fun, irreverence and caring deeply" for customers and employees."

Not to mention that it has Richard Branson's wit, reparté, enthusiasm and attention to the customer's overall experience.

I can say that next to Singapore Airlines, I've not encountered another international carrier that matches Virgin Atlantic's attention to customer service. Or irreverence.

IMHO, I hope that the limit for foreign investors doesn't keep Branson out of the promotion of the venture. (Virgin America is a licensee of the ubiquitous Virgin brand rather than a direct subsidiary.) On the topic...

"Ash, president of InterVistas-ga2 Consulting in Washington, D.C., says Branson "doesn't fly hot-air balloons around the world because he likes to fly balloons, or appear in TV reality shows because he's a big reality-show buff. He does it because it's the best free advertising in the world." The team of industry veterans running Virgin America "will do well to listen to him."