Of interest: Windows Vista isn't just blue, it now comes in (red)

You may be used to seeing the Windows Vista user experience in a shade of blue. (Well, it looks blue.)

Now it comes in red.


Nick on the Windows Vista blog has a post on an announcement with Dell and (RED), to be made this at Davos. 

You can see for yourself on the Microsoft Windows Vista site and read more...

"Windows and Dell have joined (RED) to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. When you buy a Dell (PRODUCT) RED PC with Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED, Windows and Dell will jointly contribute $50 to $80, depending on the product, to The Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa.

"Co-founded by U2’s Bono and Bobby Shriver, Chairman of DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade Africa), (RED) is an innovative and sustainable way businesses and consumers can work together to change the world.  It is a business model, not a charity. Working with (RED), companies create special versions of their products with the (PRODUCT) RED brand. When consumers choose to buy (PRODUCT) RED, a portion of the profits goes directly to The Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa."

Of interest: info on the Windows Vista blog about the new packaging for Windows Vista and Office 2007.