Seattle Times blog on Microsoft, and aligning around opportunities

In Brier Dudley's blog today, the Seattle Times writer writes about how the company is taking a step in a next step beyond the Windows, given some of the latest moves (including the move of Bob Muglia's Server & Tools org to MBD under Jeff Raikes) and how we will think of computer hardware and operating systems a decade in the future...

"Rob Helm speculated that Friday's reorganization positioned Jeff Raikes to become Microsoft's next chief executive someday.

"That's interesting. It also seems pretty clear that Platforms boss Kevin Johnson's duties were pared so he can focus on making the aQuantive merger work well.

"But doesn't it seem like the broad-brush effect was to align Microsoft around its primary competitors?"

IMHO, you don't align around competitors... you align around opportunities.

To me, it appears that the company is better aligned around great business opportunities, and helps to ensure that the various business teams are better connected, to help them make the most of those opportunities. And sure, there's an aspect of providing better products and solutions to our customers and partners than those from the competition.