When your name has a number in it, people assume you might be a computer. Now, I am a PC.

Flash back to Compuserve email to 75435,446, circa 1984:

"So, what kind of a name is 'M3'?  Are you a PC?"

No, I'd answer.  Just a guy with an alphanumerical name.

That was then.  Fast forward to 2008.


Now, I guess I am.

Of interest is the new area where you can upload your own thing.  I haven't yet, but I will at some point.


But, in reality, I'm a PC and a Mac to this day. 

Actually, first I was a Mac, then a PC.  But now it seems most of my (mobile) computing is on my mobile phone.  Where does that fit?

Oh, wait, before that, I was a Commodore 64 (my first PC purchase at Canadian Tire), a PDP-11, a TRS-80 and an Apple II

Oh yes, and a Pet 2001, believe it or not.

What were you?

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