Xbox 360 #2 is going in for repairs

Our second Xbox 360 is going in for repairs... nearly a month after the last one. I'm beginning to sound like a broken record.

As noted in my post late last night, our family Xbox 360 went south... officially, the video output no longer, well, outputs.

Bad news is that as my currently video-less Xbox 360 does not display the three flashing lights and will will be covered under the original one year warranty... John, the customer service agent on the other end of the phone, informed me that, of course, it's a month out of warranty.

So the repair will cost $99, for which I will also get an extended warranty.

Perhaps these units will cross in the UPS truck.

Good news is that the Xbox virtual customer service agent, Max, informed me at the top of the call that the Xbox 360 I returned following a Friday the 13th failure repair "has been completed and shipped within 5 business days."

Better news: the kids used some of their savings to get a Nintendo Wii, so they don't go into video game withdrawal. They are now hooked on Wii Sports (which gives them the same level of evening workout as Dance Dance Revolution). I recommend the very convenient and well-priced WiiPlay bundle which includes a bundled wireless controller and a new disc with nine new games.

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