Your questions: Is DST changing in Venezuela this September?

I received a couple of questions today about the just-announced changes to DST in Venezuela...

"I just read that Venezuela which is apparently changing from GMT-4 to GMT-4:30 on September 1. If this is true, how might this affect DST for customers who use Caracas/La Paz as setting for timezone?"

I believe that they are referring to this Reuters news article (above) that states "Venezuela in September will turn clocks back by 30 minutes as it switches time zones to boost the amount of natural light to residents."

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I found on the ABN site (which I believe is the country’s official news agency) the actual news release on the DST change (and here in Spanish)…

“From next January 1st, 2008, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will have a new time zone that will allow to improve the Venezuelans’ performance on their daily activities.”

First off, this latest DST change for Venezuela isn't integrated into the latest version of the OS update (available in KB 933360). (BTW, KB 933360 will be released on Windows Update on the 4th Tuesday of August. It is categorized as an Update Roll-up, same as last time with KB 931836, which means that it goes to Automatic Updates, more info available here.)

Second, Microsoft is currently working with representatives in the region to confirm the reports that Venezuela is changing its time zone on Jan. 1, 2008. Later this year we expect to release a cumulative DST and Time Zone Update for Windows that will set the correct dates as understood today for 2008. Customers with Automatic Updates enabled will receive those updates. Changes will include countries that have so far officially announced and approved their observance of DST entry/exit dates in 2008. We're working with our engineering team on the schedule to include Venezuela in this upcoming update.

We currently maintain customer-ready guidance and information on DST and time zone changes at - this site is regularly updated with the latest information. Additional information on the most recent DST and time zone updates to the Windows OS can be found on my blog here.

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