An Intern's Guide to Windows MultiPoint Server 2011

Hey all!

As you can probably tell from my Live ID, I am not Dean Paron or James Duffus. My name is Livi Erickson, and I am a Program Manager intern on the WMS team. Since this is my first time writing a blog post for the TechNet blogs, I thought I'd give a brief introduction:

I am a second semester junior majoring in Computer Science (with a minor in math) at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. I've lived in Virginia my entire life, up until last summer when I spent my summer vacation as an Explorer Intern on the MultiPoint team here on the West Coast. My experience last summer was so amazing, I came back as a "full time" intern this summer, and for the past 4 and a half weeks have been doing everything from writing specs to blog posts and managing the official WMS Twitter account (@msmultipoint).

I'm writing this particular blog post in regards to a PowerPoint presentation that I threw together about how to set up Windows MultiPoint server. It's a very basic set up, but as someone who has now had to set up 4 or 5 test machines over the past year, I think it might be useful to see if you are considering testing out your own MultiPoint deployment. The planning and deployment guides get into a lot of great detail, but can be slightly intimidating, so attched to this post is a picture-heavy slideshow on how to go through the steps of setting up a very basic MultiPoint deployment. The hardest part is installing the display drivers, but they can normally be found online as long as you know what kind of graphics cards are in your system.

We're planning on recording a step by step setup video in the very near future, but until then, you all get to enjoy my PowerPoint with pictures taken from my camera phone. (So glamorous is the life of an intern. :) )