How to check out the content of SOAP exceptions in Silverlight 2

Today someone asked me about a challenge they are facing in Silverlight 2.

Here’s their question and the answer.


“We have an issue with Silverlight 2 and SOAP exceptions. Silverlight doesn’t like to let you look at the content of the SOAP exception in the messages. How do I get the content of the SOAP exceptions?”


You can find a detailed answer here:

Eugene Osovetsky's Blog: Faults and Exceptions when using Web Services in Silverlight 2 
(Here’s the url:

The short answer is

Silverlight 2 does not support this. Exceptions propagate back to the client as SOAP Faults which are 400/500 level status codes.  Due to the browser’s limitation and security reasons, we only return 200 codes that indicate something went wrong. If you are simply trying to debug, you can use fiddler to sniff the wire.

Thanks Eugene Osovetsky for the detailed answer and Marco Matos for the short one.

Also, Thanks for checking out this post!

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