SharePoint Sessions at PDC

PDC 2008 is right around the corner.

If you've taken a look at the session list, you will be psyched to see that there are some great SharePoint sessions. Here's the list of sessions that Paul Andrew, Technical Product Manager for the SharePoint Developer Platform, posted.

There are four awesome SharePoint sessions that will be key to hit when you are there:

  • SharePoint Online: Extending your Service by Troy Hopwood
  • SharePoint 2007: Advanced Async Workflow Messaging
  • FAST: Building Search-Driven Portals with MOSS & Silverlight (I'm very excited to check this one out)
  • SharePoint 2007: Creating SharePoint Applications with VS 2008 by Chris Johnson (see his post about this session)

If you are a SharePoint guy and at PDC, then don't worry... you won't be alone! There will be a lot of SharePoint MVP's and product team members cruising around. Also, If you've ever been to a Party with Palermo you'll want to add the one at PDC to list of godo's at the conference (PDC 2008 Party with Parlermo).

Only 14 days left!

Thanks for checking out this post!


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