Surface SDK to be available at PDC later this month

Saw an article today at that announced "the long-awaited software developer kit for the Surface tabletop computer will be made available to those attending Microsoft's Professional Developer Conference (PDC) at the end of the month."

Here's the link to the article:,39024651,39299687,00.htm

Background is that Microsoft recently made the pledge on the PDC website, as part of a listing for a session focused on writing Surface applications.

Here's what was said of the session: "Hear about the unique attributes of Microsoft Surface computing, dive into vision-based object recognition and core controls like ScatterView, and learn how the Surface SDK aligns with the multi-touch developer roadmap for Windows 7. Attendees will receive access to the Microsoft Surface SDK."


For those of you interested in developing multi-touch applications for Surface devices, get registered for PDC. You don't want to miss this.

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