Windows Azure Resources for Decision Makers

Jared Bienz, an ISV Architect Evangelist on our team covering the South Central Region, came up with this fairly comprehensive list of great resources on Windows Azure and Live Framework.

This content is great for business decision makers.

Don’t miss the link to the SQL Azure Migration Wizard at the bottom. If you haven’t seen it, this is a powerful tool.

Windows Azure Links

Windows Azure Homepage

The main public landing page for Windows Azure.

Windows Azure and ISVs – A Guide for Decision Makers

A great whitepapre written by David Chappell for ISV decision makers.

Azure Case Studies

A great selection of whitepapers from big named companies like 3M, Seimens, Kelley Blue Book and more.

Azure Pricing

Main public pricing page.

Official Azure ROI and TO Calculator

The official TCO and ROI wizard.

Getting Started with Azure

The primary public start page for those looking to move to or start development on Windows Azure.

Azure Application Compatibility Support

Compatibility resources offered through the Microsoft FrontRunner program.

Other Azure Resources

A great page summarizing many more Azure resources beyond what’s available in this list.

SQL Azure Links

SQL Azure Migration Wizard

A great tool for migrating data between local SQL and SQL Azure, even between one SQL Azure instance and another. It does it’s best to transfer both structure and data, and it lets you know why if it can’t.

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