A neat opportunity...

Okay, the Math In Office blog isn't about advertising. But just in case you're someone who really likes RichEdit and editing and wants to work on it (as I did and do J) and related text processing, here's a pretty fine opportunity. If you're not interested, please skip this post.


So here goes. Want to work on components that are used by millions of users every day in apps like Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Excel, as well as in platforms like Windows Mobile and .NET? The RichEdit team is looking for energetic testers that love to code, take pride in their work, and enjoy solving problems in innovative ways.


RichEdit is used in many places throughout the Office applications, from high level edit controls to low level measuring and layout APIs. The test team's goal is to ensure that we provide robust and high quality code that meets the functionality that applications need. An example of a feature we recently helped deliver was the new Equations feature in Word 2007.


Because we provide APIs intended to solve a variety of application requirements, testers on our team have a deep understanding of the code our developers have written, the requirements and the code in the various client applications that use us, and write extensive automaton code (most of it in C++). We work closely with our development team, as well as client application developers to solve customer scenarios, prioritize our testing, help with integration, and most important, to find bugs in our code.


Since text is pretty much everywhere in computing, our team works with many other teams across Microsoft, and gets a unique perspective that comes from having such a wide scope. We also work with many different application requirements, and come up with new test approaches to deal with threading, performance, security, and other issues.


Requirements include 2 years experience with C/C++, and/or C#, 2 years product testing or similar development experience, and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or other engineering/science discipline. Experience with Win32, TeX, typography, or international language issues is a plus. The successful candidate will also have an aptitude for testing and a desire to innovate in test approaches, as well as be energetic, communicate and work well with others as well as independently, and have good problem solving skills. More info is available here.


I'd like to add that there's simply no way Word 2007's math feature could have shipped without the help of our incredible test team. If you're interested, please feel free to email me or a-prameh@microsoft.com.