SharePoint 2010 Self-Study Guide

Recently, I started creating some self-study guides to help my customers who are interested in learning different technologies.  It was suggested that I put these guides on my blog for easier access.  Today's entry is on SharePoint 2010, but check back frequently as I upload additional study guides in the near future.

SharePoint Server 2010 Self-Study Guide

The list below is provided for those who wish to become familiar with Microsoft SharePoint 2010. These resources are available online and are free of charge.

Those wishing to visit the top-level website for SharePoint technology can do so at:

Getting Started


SharePoint Documentation (TechNet Online)

Microsoft maintains an extensive database of technical information relating to all of our products, including articles on design, administration and troubleshooting.  The following top-level link is for the
SharePoint Tech Center on TechNet:


SharePoint Online Forums

Microsoft maintains an active community of SharePoint professionals who regularly post questions, answers, tips, and general information related to SharePoint.  This is an excellent way to become familiar
with the professionals in the SharePoint community around the world, ask your own questions, and learn more about SharePoint:


SharePoint Blogs

These blogs are where experts in Forefront technologies post their thoughts, relevant information, news, and general guidance.  They are very useful methods for administrators to remain up to date on the latest information related to SharePoint 2010.