Around The World With MVPs: Hong Kong

screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-10-24-06-pmThe Microsoft community in Hong Kong was busy last week, with two back-to-back events! The Hong Kong Web Developers meetup and Tech Forum took place on December 14th and 15th respectively, and combined hosted just about 100 attendees. Both events focused in on one, common theme: big data.

The HKWD meetup took place last Wednesday evening at a ‘nightclub’ in Hong Kong. Here, the Co-founder of Taiwan R User Group and Data Platform MVP Chia-Chi-Chang delivered an R session on processing big data sets. Additionally, Community Program Manager (CPM) Reneata Chang introduced the MVP award to the event’s attendees, to spark the interest of some techies in the crowd.

The Tech Forum hosted 3 guest speakers from Taiwan - in addition to Chia-Chi Chang, Co-founder of R ladies Taipei Chia-Yi Yen and Co-founder of Azure Taiwan Huai-Wen Mia Chang presented to the crowd at an event space in the city. Together, they demonstrated how R and Python can work to implement Microsoft Machine Learning and make predictions.

What we love most about these events, is the collaboration between cities. Not only did guest speakers from Taiwan travel to Hong Kong to share their knowledge, but they also took the opportunity to meet and discuss how to build out the tech communities in their respective locations. Hong Kong R User Group’s organizer attended the event, and was encouraged to build out R-ladies in Hong Kong - which, as the name suggests, is a world-wide organization of women who focus on R programming language (we reported on the Taipei chapter here). Now, one Hong Kong R User group member plans to visit Taiwan and deliver a session at an R-ladies Taipei meetup.

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing how these two Microsoft communities collaborate in the future.

Do you work closely with another community to run events and share technical knowledge? Let us know in the comments below!