Around the World With MVPs: Mumbai

'Digital transformation. It’s real. It’s now.’

More than a dozen MVPs attended India’s largest Digital Transformation event at the end of February, and had the chance to delve into the future of the industry through some great technical and business sessions!

Future Decoded - which took place in Mumbai and saw 700 attendees - focused on exploring the rapidly changing digital technology sphere to equip business leaders with the skills to lead their organizations forward. It concentrated on inspiring, designing and building digital businesses to empower employees, engage customers and transform a company’s products.

Even more, the event welcomed top industry experts to lead the discussions. On day 1, Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft Services Norm Judah and GM of DX at Microsoft India Narendra Bhandari presented keynotes, in which they envisioned where the industry is headed in the coming years. The second day featured 15 key industry leaders - including Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella - to focus on practical solutions for how organizations can jump into developing a digital business. It’s here that Nadella also announced Project Sangam, a cloud-based solution that integrates LinkedIn for skill development and job search in India.

MVP involvement

Just like at any great Microsoft event, our community of MVPs assembled to network and learn together at Future Decoded! The event featured an MVP Zone, which consisted of a 20-seater room for specialized activities.

This included networking sessions, for which Director of Audience Marketing Annie Mathew and the Director of Technology Evangelism for DX India Aditee Rele sat down for 1:1 time with MVPs. It also included a Learnathon, where the Technology Evangelists gave a condensed lesson about new-age tech like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cognitive Technologies and Bot Frameworks. This was followed by two hours of hands-on activities playing with the code. MVPs could practically apply what they had just learnt with realistic problems and situations.

Participants were also encouraged to bring along a friend (and a potential MVP!) to take part in the fun.

Were you at Future Decoded in Mumbai? Let us know how it was in the comments below!