BUILD Day #2 in Review According to MVPs

Big announcements about the reimagining of Windows continues to pour out of the Microsoft BUILD conference on day 2, and MVPs are right in the middle of it. We’ve been watching their blog posts and tweets so you can get a front row seat to see what these community leaders have to say about the news coming out of Anaheim.

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David Pallmann: Windows Azure: Architecture MVP Live from the BUILD conference- Windows 8


Raffaele Rialdi: Developer Security: Development MVP Deep Diving WinRT and Metro Style Apps for Windows 8


Mercel de Vries: Visual Studio ALM MVP Microsoft Build Conference Day 2, Metro Style Apps API has Natural Feel for all Developers


Louis-Guillaume Monrand: MVP How to get back the Windows 7 Start Menu in Windows 8


Gregory Renard: Windows Azure: Architecture MVP //Build/ Windows 8 : Microsoft galope sur le chemin de l’évolution et non de la révolution !


Roberto Brunetti: MVP Windows 8: User Experience


Jeremy Likness: Silverlight: Architecture Windows 8: What you Need to Know If Silverlight is Dead…


Chris Klug: Silverlight MVP

Build Windows Day 2 Windows 8 Feature Charms Windows 8 Feature- Roaming Data The Windows 8 Developer Story According to Me (at the Moment)


Aidan Finn: Virtual Machines: Systems Administration MVP Build Windows 2011 Windows Server 8 Keynote Build Windows: Windows 8 Server Using Windows Server 8 for Building Private and Public Clouds A Deep Dive into Hyper-V Networking Refresh or Reset Window 8



We asked MVPs who were attending BUILD and wanted to be included in our MVPs at BUILD 2011 twitter list to tweet #bldwinmvp or let us know @MVPAward.

Here are some of our favorites from Day 2 at BUILD:



Miguel Carrasco

The most exciting thing about Windows 8 Slate devices is the incredibly powerful development  environment. #bldwin

Bruce Johnson

I already love the find matching code feature in VS11 #bldwin

Robert Hogg

WOW visual studio 11 imaging and graphics has moved kicking and screaming from the 1980's with great image and 3D editors #bldwin #nomorebmp

Shy Cohen

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Connecting the client rendered view to the code that generated it! Can't wait to get my hands on this! #bldwin

Shy Cohen

OMG! Its gets better and better! Minified and bundled versions of scripts and CSS by convention! #bldwin

Todd Anglin

Today's #bldwin keynote is like cool, refreshing lemonade for the .NET developer. Gets you excited about .NET again.

Miguel Carrasco

Showing user stories, sprints, sprint planning, tasks, teams, task board, how to run a stand up meeting. #bldwin Awesome demo!

Maarten van Stam

Golden Tickets for TFS Azure services available for //Build attendees #bldwin

Steve Smith

Move virtual machine storage location while it is running with no downtime in win server 8 #bldwin

Dennis Vroegop

Can't wait to start using TFS in the cloud. It will make life so much easier. #bldwin

Manan Kakkar

Password Vault in Windows 8—great addition! Synced auth! looks like that Windows Vault thing is  finally *something* #bldwin

Rick G. Garibay

Yes, that wooho on #appfabric #ServiceBus was me :-) #BldWin

Miguel Carrasco

West Coast Customs in the house... have you ever imagined a dream car that ha augmented reality  right in the front windshield? #bldwin

Manan Kakkar

Microsoft just turned the nerd alert to a whole new level with West Coast Customs on stage. #bldwin

Aidan Finn

#SURPRISE Steve Ballmer comes out

Kevin Griffin

Oh snap...

Manan Kakkar

we missed you Steve! #bldwin


Wow Over 500k downloads of windows 8 last night. Amazing.

Chris Woodruff

I may be called MSFT fanboy but I am very excited to be a developer that primarily uses .NET. I want to make great solutions & will #bldwin

Todd Anglin

The #bldwin masses are flooding the expo, armed with questions for MSFT

Chad Campbell

If you've been writing WP7 apps, it looks like those skills will translate swimmingly to Windows 8

Miguel Carrasco

Make the function beautiful! Strip it down to nothing, and then make it beautiful! #bldwin

Jennifer Smith

Loving Joe Stegman's session on xaml. Approaching on a level that everyone can understand.

Miguel Carrasco

Pride in craftsmanship, Be fast and fluid, Authentically digital, Do more with less, Win as one! #bldwin

Todd Anglin

Windows Phone team is creating CSS skins for jQuery Mobile that look WinPhone native. #bldwin

Rick G. Garibay

#Server8 The power of many servers, the simplicity of one. #bldwin

Peter Ritchie

Just did interview with my friends at @DevExpress about all the good stiff we've seen so far this week #bldwin #BldWinMVP

Jim Wooley

Windows 8 is about no PC left behind. -Joe Stegman #bldwin

Aidan Finn

Automatic classification of data for dynamic access control is serious business reason for Windows Server 8!!!! #bldwin #bldwinmvp

Raffaele Rialdi

You could never imagine guys. This Win8 stuff is huge and terribly cool #WinRT #bldwin

Walt Ritscher

You know how people take pics of session screens with their phones? This morning I saw dozens of  ppl taking pic with their new win8 slates.

Miguel Carrasco

I love that Blend designer is now incorporated right into Visual Studio! #bldwin

Evan Hutnick

@miguelcarrasco We've been keeping quiet about that one since the MVP summit :) #bldwin

Kate Gregory

Went quiet because i am massively engaged with C++ content in packed rooms. Small break between sessions to say "wow!" #bldwin #happycamper

Jeremiah Morrill

Microsoft has out done themselves with c++/com. Amazing! C# should have little complaints about moving over.

W. Kevin Hazzard

As sad as I was when @devhawk left the DLR team I fully understand why he was THE perfect choice on the WinRT team. This changes everything.

Evan Hutnick

After this little Xaml revolution at #bldwin I seriously need to get my website up. You'll see why, have had domain for two years :D


In love with CSS3 #bldwin


So with Win8 I am no  longer just a .net dev I am also a WinRt dev. more resume candy #bldwin  #bldwinmvp

Fabien Lavocat

I'm creating my first application for Windows 8 :) #proud #bldwin


ok, decided. not going to the #bldwin party. 1) didn't sleep last night. 2) win8 app almost done, just another couple of hours. Almost there

Vasu Jain

Within a single day of announce of developer preview of Windows 8, it has more users than Mac OS X Lion .. #bldWin


And for those of you who really want to experience the full effect of this event you can find a more complete set of tweets here: