Check out the new MVP Channel 9 page!

If you’re an MVP fan, we’re happy to announce a new way to discover great technical tips, tricks and ideas from these community leaders. Last week, Microsoft launched the MVP landing page on its highly popular Channel 9 site, which showcases technical videos, interviews and news from across Microsoft technologies.


You can find a rotation of featured high-quality videos across the top of the page or discover featured events and content highlighted by MVP award categories.


MVPs began contributing videos about a month ago and already they have drawn thousands of views. So far, MVPs from a dozen countries have videos featured on Channel 9, with contributions from Czech and Brazil leading the way. Right now the most popular series is Visual Studio and Development Technologies.


If you’re an MVP and would like to submit content to be featured on Channel 9, contact your community program manager. If you’re an MVP fan, keep watching—new videos are coming in nearly every day!