Client App Dev MVP releases the Razre WPF Application Framework


Client App Dev MVP Jason Rainwater has recently released his Razre Framework on CodePlex. This is a WPF Application Framework intended to provide base functionality for creating robust WPF applications. This project will be on-going adding new features and enhancements.

The current version of the framework includes the following functionality:

  • An implementation of the Model-View-ViewModel design pattern.
    • Utilizes Un-Keyed DataTemplates to resolve a View for a ViewModel
    • Integrated into the Theming mechanism to provide performant Theming 
  • Main Region Navigation
    • Allows the ability to define a ContentControl for the Main Navigation region
    • Provides the ability to define a custom transition animation to be used when Navigating
  • Full Layout Theming
    • Provides the ability to define Theme dictionaries and load them
    • Integrated into the MVVM implementation to notify ViewModels to swap their visual representation.

The framework makes use of Microsoft’s Composite Application Guidance (Prism 2) to help support integral systems.

You can get the framework at or visit Jason’s blog post here.


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