F# Type Providers

Editor’s Note: In partnership with the Microsoft Press team, MVPs have been contributing to an ongoing guest series on their team blog based on monthly themes. Today’s article is from Visual F# MVP Richard Minerich which is the 15th in the series.

In an era where the line between program and data is becoming ever more blurred one of the biggest challenges for many programmer teams has become bridging the data-application divide.   So deep is this gap that some companies have resorted to keeping programmers and DBAs in separate groups in order to try and protect themselves but this comes at a cost of significant decreases in efficiency.  As data increasingly becomes the focus of our day to day work it’s important that we step back and rethink how we approach these problems.

What if your compiler could reach into your database and understand the schema?  Would it streamline your processes if compilation would fail if something in the database it depended on was removed or changed? Read full article here

About the author

Richard is Senior Researcher at Bayard Rock, a company dedicated to applying the cutting edge from academia to solve enterprise problems. In his role as an MVP he runs an F# user group in NYC and is also a frequent speaker, blogger and writer. His most recent work is "Professional F# 2.0". Follow him on Twitter.